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A 25-minute distance course to unlock all situations

This class is for you if...

You start a sewing project and you are not sure to make the right choices (fabrics, material …)

You are stuck on the instructions that came with your pattern and you feel discouraged

You want to try a technique (zip, pocket…) for the first time and you are afraid of not succeeding

You may not have the time, the inclination, or even the ability to travel to take a class. And without a little help, you feel like you won’t be able to …

Whatever your level, it is a pity to hesitate or give up on the projects that tempt you!

Everything would be easier if you could be accompanied just on the point that blocks you without leaving your home …

The solution ? Express coaching

Individual remote coaching

targeted to your needs

to quickly answer your questions

17€ TTC - 25 minutes


Ce type is not for you:

  • If you do not have an internet connection with sufficient speed
  • If you have never used your sewing machine (in this case, you should rather go to a face-to-face course where you can be effectively explained how to use your machine)

I book a coaching !

To reserve it is very easy. All you need to do is select the time slot that interests you in the schedule below. Once the order has been confirmed, you will receive all the instructions by email.

Any questions?

When your order is validated, you will receive just before the start of the coaching, an email containing the link to connect by videoconference. If you wish, you can send me your questions in advance so that I prepare a few elements to illustrate the explanations during the coaching. At the time of coaching, you connect via your PC by videoconference using the link provided to you. It also works with your tablet. You do not need to install a specific application or create an account to be able to log in.

It also works with your tablet directly through the link provided. If you don’t have a tablet or a PC, you can download the app to your phone: it works too.

We do not always control our internet connection! In the event of a connection problem, we can agree on another time slot (in accordance with what is provided for in the General Conditions of Sale).

If you have any doubts, ask me before you book your coaching. I will tell you what is possible and I will direct you to the offer that best suits your needs.
If you have other questions: