/ Face-to-face sewing lessons /

A 2 or 5 hour course in group to progress in a friendly atmosphere

This class is for you if...

You want to offer yourself a real spare-time moment without risking being interrupted

You looked for tutorials on the internet but for you it is misunderstandable!

You don’t dare to try if you don’t feel confident

You would like to take some time for yourself, to clear your head and concentrate on your sewing project. But you are afraid of doing badly or not being successful if you are left alone in front of your machine.

Everything would be easier if you could be encouraged and guided by a pedagogue and experienced teacher … She would show you the right gestures and would be able to correct you as you go!

The solution ? The group sewing class

A small group course

for personalized support

at your own pace

17€/h TTC

The class places

Coup de coudre - Versailles

29 Rue du Vieux Versailles, 78000 Versailles

Ateliers Rêve à Soie - Antony

3 avenue Saint-Exupéry, 92160 Antony

A book a course!

To book, nothing could be simpler. Choose the time slot that interests you in the planning and click on the button “Book on the Rêve à tang” site. You will then be redirected to the Silk Dream site to make your reservation.

Any questions?

Absolutely ! If you are a complete beginner, the group sewing class is ideal for you. The workshops are equipped with modern and well-maintained sewing machines: it is perfect for learning to use them. You just need to come with your pattern, your fabric and your sewing kit (pins, thread, needles, scissors …). Don’t know where to start? Choose a simple project like an accessory (pouch or totebag for example) that will allow you to see the basics without stressing.

Yes it’s possible.
The workshops are equipped with overlockers that you can use during lessons. This is the opportunity to finally understand how to use it!

Do you prefer to use your usual equipment because you know it well? This is quite normal! You are welcome to bring your machine for the lesson.

Any other questions?