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A 2-hour live course to meet YOUR needs

This class is for you if...

You cannot move forward on your sewing projects on your own and you feel lost and demotivated

You want to take lessons to progress but you don’t have time to waste traveling or transporting

You want to embark on an “important” project and you are afraid of not mastering the techniques enough to get there

Vous sentez que vous avez besoin d’un accompagnement personnalisé pour réussir à avancer comme vous le souhaitez.

You feel that you need personalized support to succeed in moving forward as you wish.

Ideally, you would enjoy a lesson at home, using the sewing machine and other materials you are used to to optimize your schedule.

The solution ? Live video coaching

A course while staying at home

to accompany you step by step

on your project

33€ TTC - 2 hours - 3 people max.

To better understand the principle of live video coaching, all explanations are provided in this article and in the video below:


This type of course is not for you:

  • If you do not have an internet connection with sufficient speed
  • If you have never used your sewing machine (in this case, you should rather go to a face-to-face course where you can be effectively explained how to use your machine)


It's as user-friendly and effective as a face-to-face course. I highly recommend this solution, which is particularly suitable for overbooked calendars!
I have very fond memories of the course I took with you [...] it gave me confidence and made me want to persevere. I took a lot of notes that I often use, whether for sewing techniques or advice on fabric associations & patterns. I found that your advice was clear, and that you were able to show me what there was to do with the camera

I book a coaching !

To reserve it is very easy. All you need to do is select the time slot that interests you in the schedule below. You will then be redirected to Rêve à soie website where you can make your reservation.

Any questions ?

Because I am a Rêve à Soie partner professor which gives you the guarantee of a better customer experience: reservation, cancellation, waiting list, secure payment … To find out more: you will find some on the Rêve à Soie website.

Rest assured ! When you book a class for the first time, I arrange a small meeting with you before the class. This allows you to do a test to verify that everything is working well. This way, you will be ready to attend class on D-Day with confidence.

This works well if your internet connection is powerful enough to pass a video stream: this is why it is a prerequisite to book this type of course. You can complement your PC (or tablet) display with your phone to make it easier to show details during class. For my part, I have at least 2 cameras to show you the gestures.

Non : c’est votre cours et votre projet ! Une fois que vous avez réservé le cours, je prends contact avec vous pour savoir sur quoi vous souhaitez travailler. De cette manière, je peux préparer des supports visuels ou des pièces d’études pour faciliter nos échanges pendant le cours.

If you have other questions: